A purposeful and focused approach to investing

We pursue what we want to own; great markets and distinct business models

We partner with and support exceptional, passionate, visionary leaders

We undertake active Buy and Build strategies to grow and scale businesses
our story
After decades in the Private Equity industry, we gathered our collective perspectives and founded Access Holdings based on the following principles:

  • Buy Businesses We Want To Own Versus Those That Are For Sale SM

  • Operate a concentrated portfolio (5-7 platforms per fund)

  • Execute a buy and build strategy

  • Focus on essential service based businesses

  • Leverage and deploy contemporary technology to enhance portfolio operations and the customer experience

  • Partner with owners and entrepreneurs who are engaged and have significant economic alignment

  • Work with people we like

Over the decades of shared business building and investment experience, we have developed core values that guide our actions:

  • Transparency

    Providing clear and uninterrupted information for our teams, investors, and partners

  • Preparation

    Investing the time to prepare; every interaction matters

  • Purpose

    Moving intentionally with discipline

  • Focus

    Driving results through a concentrated portfolio

  • Communication

    Effectively communicating with team members, investors and business partners

  • Integrity

    Establishing and upholding firm-wide accountability standards


We acquire platforms in niche essential service based industries that are positioned to outperform — and often overlooked and off the radar of other investors. Our companies have clear and quantifiable value propositions and are poised to emerge as market leaders.

At the highest level, here's what we look for:

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    Essential Services

    We look for services and businesses that benefit from macro and structural trends, including demographic demand, compliance, and changing social behavior.

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    Strong Fundamentals

    We pursue fundamentally sound business models, that deliver outstanding customer value, predictability, strong free cash flow margins, and operating leverage.

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    We partner with or recruit best-in-class executive teams with exceptional leadership, communication skills, and a track record of delivering significant value.

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    Aligned Value Creation Strategy

    We uncover opportunities that are positioned to outperform or are overlooked by the broader investment community.

Genesis of the Name
Like our strategy, our name is purposeful. We seek to give our world class partners “Access” to great platform "Holdings" that offer exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

  • Exclusive Access

    We provide access to investment opportunities with scalable platform transactions. We are committed to maintaining a deep alignment with our partners and providing focused support to our portfolio companies.

  • Targeted Holdings

    We take a purposeful approach to identifying and pursuing investments. Each investment platform we pursue is innovative in its approach and capable of supporting significant capital investment.

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