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Who We Are


We’ve set out to create a more thoughtful approach to investing.
We offer investors greater control and flexibility while solving an acute need: direct access to large, attractive opportunities. For us, it’s not about ‘portfolio construction.’ It is about ensuring each opportunity we pursue is strategically grounded, scalable and capable of generating outsized returns.

What We Believe:


We’ve avoided the risk of spreading ourselves thin by being more selective. We will focus on executing a small handful of large platform acquisitions over the coming years. We believe the concentration drives better focus and gives us the ability to commit to truly helping our companies once we own them.


We are methodical in our approach for identifying and executing opportunities. Our underwriting process is extensive and detailed. We become students of the industries we invest in.


The types of transactions we pursue — large, thesis–driven, and proprietary — demand our creativity. From sourcing to execution and, ultimately, value creation, we leverage our extensive experience and network to ensure we are bringing the best ideas to the table throughout our process.


Alignment with investors isn’t something we stumble into. It’s considered and designed from the get go. We’ve structured our fund and individual deals to create absolute alignment with our partners.


We don’t like ambiguity and go to great lengths to be highly-communicative and transparent with our investors. The structure of our team, our fund, our investments and our reporting have this objective at the core.


Once we’ve invested, we work with company leadership and partners to deploy proven strategies that optimize governance, planning, talent management, operations, and exit timing.
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