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The Access Holdings team works hard to understand, develop and help companies grow. We decided to share some insights on what we have learned throughout the process.

Our Access Insights provide thoughtful, purposeful and actionable insights that you can use cross departmentally in your own companies.

  • Finding Top Talent Through Behavior-Based Interviewing
    How to ensure you are hiring the right candidates for your organization

    Access Holdings Partner, Steve Chang, sat down with Human Capital Expert and Advisor Kim Powell to discuss behavior based interviewing, and how hiring has changed since the onset of COVID-19.

    In this Q&A you will find resources and guidance on what questions to ask to get the most out of your interviews, and other key considerations when hiring.

  • Driving Growth Through Purposeful and Systematic M&A
    So what does purposeful and systematic M&A actually look like?

    In order to achieve consistent growth through Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), a successful company systematically identifies and pursues opportunities with purpose.

    In practice this means following a disciplined process of actively pursuing opportunities that align with a clearly defined growth strategy.

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