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What We Do

Our Strategy

We pursue businesses we want to own — not just what’s for sale.

We acquire platforms in niche service industries that are positioned to outperform — and often overlooked and off the radar of other investors. Our companies have clear and quantifiable value propositions and are poised to emerge as market leaders.

At the highest level, here's what we look for:

Service Industries

We look for niche, service-based industries benefitting from macro and structural trends, including demographic demand, compliance, and changing social behavior.

Strong Fundamentals

We pursue fundamentally sound business models delivering strong value to customers, predictability, free cash flow and operating leverage.


We partner with or recruit best-in-class executive teams with exceptional leadership and communication skills and a track record of delivering significant value.

Latent Value

We uncover opportunities that are positioned to outperform or are overlooked by the broader investment community.

We commit to each company’s success.

A Thesis-Driven Approach
Our approach and experience drives the way we help our companies grow. By the time we invest in an industry, we know the market and its players — competitors, operators, leaders, innovators and challengers. That knowledge anchors our value creation strategy, team, capitalization, partners and time horizon for each platform.
There is power in our network
We leverage an extensive group of marquee board members, industry leaders, strategic advisors and contacts to transform our portfolio companies into the leaders in their industry.
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