Thanksgiving Research 2020

What a year it’s been
With Thanksgiving almost upon us it’s worth taking a minute to reflect on what we can each be thankful for.

Now more than ever, we understand how important it is to celebrate what we are thankful for. At Access, we are thankful for our families, employees, and our investors. 

We were curious and wanted to gain a better understanding of Thanksgiving and it's history, economic impact and traditions. Because we love research, we decided to launch a research project to take an inside look at this holiday, and the traditions celebrated across the United States and our Access Holdings family. 

We ran our Access playbook, using our dedicated research team in India to analyze and synthesize data. We conducted expert interviews from a broad cohort of experts in their respected fields and tapped into our network to survey family traditions celebrated on this holiday.  

Did you know that Americans will spend over $1 billion this Thanksgiving? Or that we will each consume around 4,500 calories on average? Take a dive into our research and learn more interesting facts, as well as historical nuggets, and how our Access family will be spending their holiday. 

We honor the varied and diverse traditions of our Access family and are proud to share the cornucopia of our findings.

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    Our research platform currently consists of our collegiate team and India research team which is supported by third party networks.

    These parties have helped us in executing this research overview on Thanksgiving.

    *Please see our corresponding research deck for all sourced data

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    Industry Overview


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    Survey Findings


  • Properly preparing fresh, uncooked produce is a must, and with this in mind, the elderly woman pictured here was teaching her grandson how to do just that, while peeling a number of potatoes.
She was imparting her knowledge of how to safely use a knife to accomplish the peeling. During such activities, when using sharp instruments, injury prevention need be foremost in one’s mind.
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